Dateline’s Keith Morrison can now narrate your ‘Waze’

Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison, Waze
Keith Morrison in an advertisement for the new Waze app feature that provides instructions in his name.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Users of Waze can now customize the GPS app to give them directions in the voice of “Dateline NBC” investigator Keith Morrison.

The special feature will be available through April 2. To activate it, download the Waze app, go to “Settings,” choose “Voice Directions” and then pick “Keith Morrison – Dateline NBC.”

According to NBC, “Dateline” fans have been asking for Morrison’s voice as a navigation option “for years.” NBC said they’re getting their wish as a Valentine’s Day gift celebrating the in-depth news program’s 25th anniversary.

==Above, we show you what it would be like if 24 Hour News 8 TV personalities narrated your GPS.==