Two teens from same family killed in street violence

MacArthur Watts shot and killed in Muskegon Heights on Monday night

MacArthur Watts
An undated courtesy photo of MacArthur Watts, provided by relatives.

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) — The loss of a teen to gun violence on the streets of Muskegon Heights Monday night brought on a sense of deja vu to the victim’s family.

MacArthur Watts, 16, was shot and killed around 11 p.m. near Baker Street and East Hackley Avenue.

The fatal shooting happened outside a home on Baker Street near E. Hackley Avenue in Muskegon Heights. (Feb. 14, 2017)
The fatal shooting happened outside a home on Baker Street near E. Hackley Avenue in Muskegon Heights. (Feb. 14, 2017)

Three years ago, his 14-year-old cousin suffered a similar fate. Dmetrius Washington was also shot and killed in Muskegon Heights.

“It’s like the way they got killed, it’s like the same way,” said Erica Cooper, Watts’ mother. “This needs to stop.”

Police have not said much about what led up to Watts’ shooting, but Muskegon Heights Police Chief Joseph Thomas Jr. says officers are deeply entrenched in the investigation and hoping to make an arrest soon. He characterized the investigative effort as a “full-court press.”

Cooper said she is left to wonder why someone would shoot her son.

“It’s kind of messed up. Who would do that to my baby? I know he had a lot of dudes that didn’t like him about females,” Cooper said. “But I didn’t know him beefing with nobody.”

Cooper said Watts’ girlfriend was with him at the time of the shooting.

Cooper said she had a close bond with her son. He was born when she was 15 years old.

“We grew up together,” Cooper said.

She’s determined to find justice.

“I ain’t going to rest until I do. ‘Cause I just feel like y’all just killed my baby out the blue,” she said.

Dmetrius Washington’s mother was among the small throng of people gathered at Cooper’s home Tuesday to comfort her following the loss of her son. Demtrius’ mother’s eyes filled with tears, much like they did when she lost her own son.

Dmetrius Washington. (Courtesy photo)
Dmetrius Washington. (Courtesy photo)

His murder case remains unsolved.

The family planned to hold a candlelight vigil in Watts’ honor near the scene where he was shot and killed.

“I’m going to miss my baby,” Cooper said.

She’s confident an arrest will be made:

“It’s Muskegon. The streets will talk.”