Crews working around the clock to fix potholes in GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s not exactly Christmas in July, but the up and down temperatures have brought an early start to pothole season in West Michigan.

City of Grand Rapids crews are working nearly around the clock to keep up with them.

“It’s like whack-a-mole,” said City Services Director James Hurt.

They pop up quick and the material they use to patch them doesn’t last long.

“It’s called cold patch. It’s designed to be a temporary fix until we get asphalt from the plants when they open in the spring. It’s not uncommon for that cold patch to pop out of there,” said Hurt.

Pothole season 2017 is here. And while opening day is usually right about now, city crews are already halfway through the season.

“We’ve have a third shift crew and a first shift crew out, pretty much for the last months and a half patching pot holes,” Hurt said.

Burton Street, west of the East Beltline, is one of the more troubled spots. Crews were working Tuesday to make it more drivable. Another tough spot is Michigan Street, especially near DeVos Place.

There’s some good news. Burton will get resurfaced between Breton Road and the Beltline this summer. And one of the roughest portions of Michigan Street is on the list for a full rebuild this summer as well.

“From Monroe up to Ionia,” said Hurt. “As you know that concrete on there is failing at the joints and our goal is to rebuild that entire section.”

Michigan and Burton are among several projects funded by a voter approved income tax extension.

Hurt says as more and more streets get work thanks to the tax — the easier pothole season will be.

If you see a pothole, the city would like to know about it. Residents can call the city’s 311 service line or report a pothole online.