Hitting it big: Kent County shop to sell on Amazon Prime

Treasure Me World owner: 'It's a game changer'

Three of the many signs Cedar Springs' Treasure Me World is selling via Amazon.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kent County shop trying to keep up with demand from Amazon shoppers is getting ready for another boom in business.

When Spring Hobbs first started Treasure Me World, she was displaying her homemade signs of witty and meaningful sayings at trade shows and Shipshewana. Then came the email from Amazon saying she had been accepted to sell her products on their marketplace.

“My husband’s man den became the Amazon shipping center, and the studio was just lined with tables and team members were just producing,” she said.

Things have changed a lot in the last few months. Now nestled among the storefronts along Main Street in downtown Cedar Springs sits Treasure Me World. In the front of the building, Hobbs’ products are proudly displayed. In the back, everything is made. Hobbs said she had to move production out of her house because once Treasure Me World debuted on Amazon, business boomed.

Treasure Me World sign
One of the many signs Cedar Springs’ Treasure Me World is selling via Amazon.

“We sold over 1,000 items in 45 days,” said Hobbs.

She had to hire nine people. At first they were keeping track of where all their orders were going by placing tacks on a map of the United States. That stopped after they hit 300 orders – they were just too busy.

“I never dreamed that this would happen. I’m still in awe that this is happening,” she said.

Hobbs credits her success online to a single item:

“It’s a plaque called Christmas in Heaven, and that’s really what made my business go crazy, and the author of that poem actually contacted me and gave me the rights to be the only one to produce that item,” Hobbs said.

In the next 10 days, the game will change again. After seeing her success, Amazon came to Hobbs and asked her to be part of Prime — a service which guarantees customers their products in just two days. Being able to sell your products on Amazon Prime is huge. Not every Amazon seller gets the invitation.

“When I launched Amazon originally, we weren’t prepared for it to blow up the way that it did. Now we are. So we’re actually in production of our biggest sellers. So Prime, like I said, it’s a game changer,” Hobbs said.