Close calls marked blustery Wednesday

Cutlerville, mobile home, wind damage
A large tree fell on the roof of a mobile home in Cutlerville as high winds whipped West Michigan on March 8, 2017.

CUTLERVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The wind blew outside Angela White’s Cutlerville home throughout the morning on Wednesday. About noon, as she and her kids ate lunch, it shoved a tree over on the home.

“They were sitting there eating tacos and then next thing I hear is snap and then boom. It shook the whole trailer,” White said.

Neither she nor her kids were hurt.

When she checked out the front of the one-year-old mobile home, she saw the tree laying on the roof, portions of it poking through the ceiling in the bathroom and her son’s bedroom.

“My son’s not home, thank goodness, because he would have been in his room playing,” White said.

It was just one example of the damage caused by the high March winds that whipped through West Michigan. In Rockford, trash cans were strewn around. Tree limbs blocked roadways. Power outages all over the Grand Rapids area turned busy intersections into four-way stops.

And as the winds began to die down, the cleanup was just starting.

“They have a person coming to cut the tree down. They’re going to put a tarp over it tonight. They’re going to have someone  fix it tomorrow,” White said.