State cracks down on Muskegon auto dealer

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — The state has suspended the dealer’s license of Arizona Charlie’s Auto and Truck Sales in Muskegon.

According to Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, several customers complained that Arizona Charlie’s, located at 4295 E. Apple Ave., did not seek titles and registration within 15 days of vehicle delivery as required by law. When an investigator from the Secretary of State’s Office visited Arizona Charlie’s, the state says, the dealer could not provide paperwork for several vehicles that had been sold.

The state served the dealer with a suspension on March 7. The dealer surrendered his license at that time.

“Laws requiring detailed record keeping protect against the sale of stolen vehicles and parts, and ensure the vehicle buyer receives a clear and valid title to prove ownership,” a news release from the Secretary of State’s Office read in part.

The latest disciplinary action is more evidence of the state’s crackdown on auto dealers and repair shops that don’t follow rules designed to protect customers.

If you think you’ve been wronged in an auto deal or repair, the Secretary of State urges you to call the Office of Investigative Services at 517.335.1410.

Target 8 exposed problem repair shops in March 2016, sitting down with the man hired to head up the SOS’s new Office of Investigative Services.

Since 2015, the state says it has issued 43 summary suspensions and 41 cease and desist orders, proceeded to an administrative hearing to revoke nine license and had 66 licensees surrender their license in lieu of pending administrative action.

Prior to 2015, the SOS did not issue cease and desist orders and rarely suspended the license of dealers or repair shops.