Watch the 2017 Connecting with Community Awards

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Connecting with Community would again like to thank all those that nominated this year. We are eager to share our finalists’ stories, and starting this Friday, we will be running the first of our finalists’ spots.

2017 Finalist air dates:

  • March 24th – Senior Sing-Along
  • March 31st – Comprehensive Therapy Center
  • April 7th – Congregational Kitchen
  • April 14th – Operation Heading Home
  • April 21st – HQ, Mel Trotter, 3:11 Youth Housing
  • April 28th – Community Rebuilders, Salvation Army Housing Assessment Program, VA HealthCare for Homeless Vets
  • May 5th – Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library & West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology
  • May 12th – Out Side In, Rescue & Heroes for Horses Program

Here’s a bit about each of the finalists:

Community Rebuilders in partnership with the Salvation Army Housing Assessment Program and VA HealthCare for Homeless Vets work with homeless veterans to help provide them with resources to find safe and affordable housing.

Comprehensive Therapy Center is an organization dedicated to providing children and adults with disabilities the education and therapy they need. Through talk, learn, and play, they hope to help teach important cognitive skills.

Congregational Kitchen, out of Allegan, strives to combat hunger in Allegan and surrounding communities by providing opportunities to feed those in need.

Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library, and West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology are all working together to empower children and teens of African American decent and educate them about the history of their impact.

HQ, in partnership with Mel Trotter, works to provide housing to those teens and young adults that are struggling by providing educational resources, basic needs, job opportunities.

Operation Heading Home is a non-profit that looks to connect juvenile offenders in Muskegon with a volunteer experience to train shelter pets to be ready for adoption.

Out Side In and Rescue & Heroes for Horses Program is a partnership working to combat mental health, by bring together patients and rescued horses in the hopes that patients will learn from their animal.

Senior Sing-a-Long is a set of programs designed to improve senior individuals’ happiness and and health through engagement with music.

We will be airing each of the finalists’ stories every Friday, and then on EightWest, and Maranda Where You Live. You won’t want to miss any of these stories, but in case you do, they will be available online after their air date. The award for our top partnership will be announced at the Awards Celebration to be held in May, so keep checking back each week to learn more about these organizations and impacts.