50+ W. MI companies take part in walking challenge

Employees walking outside Terryberry on Oak Industrial Drive NE in Grand Rapids.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It started as a friendly challenge between two West Michigan companies — Terryberry and their neighbor Grand Rapids Label. The challenge was to get everyone walking.

This year they are taking it up a step with more than 50 companies taking part in the West Michigan Walking Challenge.

“Let’s reach out to Grand Rapids, let’s reach out to West Michigan and see what we can get going, to see if we can make this city a little bit fit,” said Danny Zbikowski.

Zbikowski is part of the sales team and wellness community at Terryberry. He and his colleagues are kicking off the first West Michigan Walking Challenge this week with vigor.

All of the employees are tracking their steps on Fitbits or walking apps. Then all of their steps are pooled into the Terryberry total and tallied against the other companies in the competition.

“All the runs and walks are starting. We have Gazelle Girl next week. It’s a perfect time. Not only do we have the people who are training for Gazelle Girl but what even a better excuse to get up and walk a little bit more,” said Zbikowski.

When driving on Oak Industrial Drive NE during the lunch hour, you will find the company on foot.

Employees walking on Oak Industrial Drive NE in Grand Rapids.

“You end up having business conversations as you’re walking down the road, but ultimately we’re just working on becoming more focused on wellness as a company,” said Mike Byam, managing partner at Terryberry.

Byam knows healthy, happy and recognized employees are productive employees.

“We’re in the employee recognition business and we get to help other businesses develop a more engaged culture and you certainly try to practice what you preach,” said Byam.

The competition wraps up on May 28. In the spirit of employee recognition, there will be an awards celebration on June 2.



West Michigan Walking Challenge