W MI residents prepare for possible flooding

Steven Zwierzynski from Gold Star Waterproofing discusses how to protect your basement from flooding. (April 30, 2017)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand River remained below flood stage on Sunday, but it’s expected to rise three or more feet through the week, which could cause some problems in an area north of Grand Rapids that’s affected by flooding every year.

About three weeks ago, a bout of rain and snow caused flooding in the Comstock Park area and drove Kathy Whittington and her family from their home off Willow Drive NE.

“It was kind of surprising. It came up pretty quick. We got home from work and by 5 o’clock we actually had to get stuff and get out,” she said.

They stayed in a motel that night, then bought waders so they could head back to their home.

The situation wasn’t nearly so severe on Sunday, when there were only a few large puddles. Still, the Whittingtons are prepared for it to get worse. Flood watches were issued for all of West Michigan.

“We’ve been watching. Got the waders ready. Everything’s ready,” Whittington said.

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Already, contractors have been swamped with calls for flooding in basements.

Steven Zwierzynski, who owns Gold Star Waterproofing in Grand Rapids, said there are things you can do to protect your home. He said you should make sure to install gutters or grade your yard to angle the water away from your home. He also advised calling a home inspector to check things out.

The weather is expected to dry out by Wednesday. Rivers will start receding in the following days.


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