Author: ‘Anomalies’ in killings of Zeeland man, fiancée

Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall were killed in California in 2004

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The mystery of who killed a West Michigan man and his fiancée years ago on a California beach may be solved with the arrest of one man.

On Friday, the cold case murders of 26-year-old Jason Allen of Zeeland and 23-year-old Lindsay Cutshall became hot as California authorities named 38-year-old Shaun Gallon as the suspect in their murders. Gallon was already in custody for the murder of his brother.

A mug shot of Shaun Gallon (Courtesy: Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office)

In 2014, Marques Vickers wrote “Fish Head Beach: The Silent and Senseless Murders of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen,” a book that dives into the details of the murder and the lingering questions about what happened before Allen and Cutshall were found dead on a beach in Jenner, Calif. in August 2004.

“There were a lot of anomalies about this case that seem quite unusual,” Vickers said. “The thing that struck me as particularly odd is they didn’t discover the bodies until about three days after the killing.”

That is surprising to him because he says people do walk that beach.

No murder weapon has ever been found and Vickers is not sure it’s a guaranteed conviction.

“Thirteen and a half years is a long time between the commission of a crime and the investigation and I think they’re going to have quite a difficult time when this goes to trial,” Vickers said.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says that when Gallon was talking to detectives, he provided new information and leads in the case that only the killer could have known. They say they found evidence to back up what Gallon told them.

Hopefully now that a suspect has been named, family and friends will finally get some answers.

“Everyone wants closure, but you have to really get the correct suspect and everything I’ve read said there were very few or no forensic evidence available,” Vickers said.

Authorities said there is no known connection between Gallon and the victims. They believe it was a random crime.