Michigan House OKs bill to change CPL law

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — The Michigan House on Wednesday passed a bill that would change the way you can carry a gun in the state.

Under the bill, you would no longer need a license or have to take safety classes to carry a concealed weapon.

In part of a set of bills that would change the rules on carrying weapons, House Bill 4416 generated a good deal of debate before being passed Wednesday afternoon. Supporters say it simply means that people who can already legally carry a weapon in plain sight would now be able to carry it under a jacket or in a concealed holster. Opponents say the combination of not requiring a license or training and allowing anyone who can legally have a gun to keep it concealed is a dangerous combination.

Many of the arguments centered around differing interpretations of the Second Amendment.

In the end, the vote was 59-49  in favor of 4416 and three other companion bills.

But the issue isn’t settled yet. The state Senate will now have a chance to look at the set of the bills. If senators agree with the House, then it heads to the governor — and his track record on vetoing gun bills suggests the bills face an uncertain future.