Clean Air Action Day


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Today, Monday June 12th, is a Clean Air Action Day for West Michigan.

On Clean Air Action Days don’t refuel your car until after 6 p.m. in the evening. When you do refuel, don’t top off your tank. This just leads to spills and releases extra flumes and more air pollution.

Wait to mow your lawn until a non-Clean Air Action Day. Reduce vehicle use or any other gas powered machinery to help lower exhaust.

Keep up to date on the air quality forecast with the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition.

Look into car-pooling on your way to and from work. Check if your workplace allows telecommuting or compressed work weeks. Use public transportation if available on your route to work.

On Clean Air Action Days The Rapid in Grand Rapids offers free rides. In Holland and Zeeland area people can ride the Max for free as well. These applies only to fixed-route buses while funding is available.

If you have to drive combine all your trips into one. Keep your vehicles regularly maintained to help reduce the un-needed air pollution from emissions. Your tire inflation is also important, and try to avoid idling.

All you actions make a difference, especially on Clean Air Action Days! For more information on how you can reduce your air pollution emissions visit West Michigan Clean Air Coalition.