Philanthropy helps our community move forward

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids Community Foundation is always seeking ways to connect and give back to the community. Through local donors, they are able to provide things scholarships for the youth of Grand Rapids.

Ken and Judy Betz have been donors to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation for years. Recently, GRCF awarded them with the Chaille Award for their community philanthropy, generosity, and commitment.

One of the programs that they have supported is the GRCF Challenge Scholars program. This program is designed to help students achieve their goals. In the program, students work from sixth to twelfth grade, preparing themselves for college and the work force. If they stay in the program for the duration, the program allows them to receive a scholarship when they are accepted to a university or trade school.

That program is just one of great programs that Ken and Judy believe in. They wish to serve the community and especially help those who may be underprivileged reach their goals. “Everybody has the ability, but not everyone has the economic situation or family support to achieve their dreams,” Judy said. “All kids deserve a chance.”

More about the Challenge Scholars Program can be found at Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s site, as well as opportunities to give back.