Gravitus Insoles: experience the outdoors with no pain

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – West Michigan has so many great options when it comes to hiking and trail running, but without the right support on your feet, those activities can leave you hurting. We were joined by Adriano and Johnathan from Gravitus Performance Insoles to help us out.

Gravitus Insoles have been around since 1990. They originally had a temporary partnership with a local rehab company operating under the name of Biocorrect fabricating medical orthotics. The cost sky rocketed making them uncomfortable charging clients up to $500 per pair. So, they created Gravitus Insoles with superior quality, better customer service, and faster turn around for less than $100 per pair.

After years of research and testing, it led them to create a corrective insole system that provides comfort and pain relief for a variety of issues related to foot and ankle imbalances. Gravitus Insoles uses 2 patent pending alignment systems to treat lower back, hips, knees, ankle and foot pain.

Gravitus Performance Insoles

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