50 to 75% off – Leigh’s Construction Sale Party

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – It seems everywhere we look – and drive – these days, we’re seeing the orange cones and road closed signs… it can be kind of frustrating!

So let’s channel that into something positive and fun, like shopping! We don’t always connect construction and shopping with each other, but we’re going to go that route this week!

Our friends at Leigh’s are having a Construction Sale Party tomorrow, so you can get to “work” on finding some fantastic deals.

>>> Get a preview in the video above!

Leigh’s has some great deals for this event – 50 to 75% off of select clothing, shoes and accessories – awesome spring/summer fashions, and we have the entire season still ahead of us!

Leigh’s opens tomorrow morning at 9:30am for the Construction Sale Party. A DJ will be hammering out some great tunes, and there will be refreshing sips and snacks.

The skincare and makeup boot camp takes place tomorrow as well, 5:30 to 7:30pm. And next Wednesday, the 28th, at the same time – there’s a reservation fee involved, and you do need to reserve a spot.

Leigh’s is located in the Breton Village Shopping Center in Grand Rapids.