Education proposal aims to fill skilled trade jobs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Gov. Rick Snyder and other state leaders on Monday unveiled a list of recommendations for bridging the gap between available jobs in Michigan and people who don’t have the skills to fill them.

Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development Director Roger Curtis partnered with State Superintendent Brian Whiston to come up with ways to make education fit in more directly with training for jobs that will be available when future generations move into the workforce.

The 17-point plan, called the Michigan Career Pathway Alliance,  includes recommendations to help students explore careers by changing the Michigan Merit Curriculum to include job readiness courses in the seventh or eighth grade.

>>PDF: Michigan career pathway recommendations

It also calls for more intensive career counseling and for student transcripts to include relevant skilled trade abilities as well as grades.

Some of the recommendations can be implemented right away. Others may require future expenditures or other cooperation from the legislature.