4 weeks since home search; Theresa Lockhart still missing

Theresa LockHart
An undated courtesy photo of Theresa Lockhart.

PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been four weeks since police descended on the Lockhart home in Portage, looking for clues into the disappearance of Theresa Lockhart. Her husband, Christopher Lockhart, has been named a person of interest.

Four weeks after the search, police are still investigating and her family is still holding out hope that she’ll be found safe.

Theresa Lockhart vanished on May 18. Police spent nearly 30 hours searching the Lockhart home. While they aren’t saying much right now, police have said the investigation continues and there are no significant developments at the time.

“We don’t ever want to give up on Theresa,” said Kellie Yunginger, a missing persons advocate. “We want to keep searching for her as long as it takes.”

Yunginger has coordinated searches with various search teams and set up a Facebook page to help locate Theresa Lockhart. She says a lot of people are asking how they can help in the search — with one glaring exception: Christopher Lockhart.

“He has not returned any of my requests for information,” Yunginger said. “And I’ve made them.”

Theresa Lockhart, Christopher Lockhart
Police tape near the Portage home of Theresa and Christopher Lockhart. (June 7, 2017)

Yunginger says Theresa Lockhart was a runner. Christopher may have information about where and when she ran to help her team’s search efforts.

“He would know where she runs to train. That could be helpful,” Yunginger said. “If she was out running and she fell and hit her head or had an accident or something, we would be able to go and search that area.”

Theresa Lockhart’s sister, Joan Mullowney, lives in Canada. She says Christopher Lockhart cut off all communication with her a month ago, after police searched the couple’s house.

“I found it strange that he wasn’t out searching for her himself but after some of the stuff I’ve heard, it’s probably understandable,” Mullowney said.

Last November, police charged Christopher Lockhart in a domestic violence case. Theresa Lockhart was the named victim.

“She never mentioned once that Chris was abusive to her,” Mullowney said. “I do know that he was drinking and that she kept telling me that he was trying to get help.”

Mullowney has hope Theresa will be found safe.

“I’m always praying that things are going well and that God is watching over her,” she said. “So, it’s almost like she’s still here and I’m just a Skype visit away.”

24 Hour News 8 called and texted Christopher Lockhart and knocked on the front door of the Lockhart’s house. He has not responded to our request for an interview.