Metro Grand Rapids sees highest job growth in U.S.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There was more job growth in Metro Grand Rapids than in any other large metro area of the U.S. last year, according to one study.

Headlight Data, which is backed by Avalanche Consulting, analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the 53 largest metro areas in the country, and Grand Rapids rose to the top spot. The growth was measured from 2015 and 2016 and based on percentages.

Metro Grand Rapids saw a 4.4 percent increase in jobs in 2016 in comparison to the 1.7 percent national average.

The top metro areas for job growth include:

1. Grand Rapids – 4.4 percent
2. Orlando – 4.2 percent
3. Nashville – 4 percent
4. Charlotte, NC – 3.7 percent
5. Salt Lake City, Utah – 3.7 percent
6. Riverside, Calif. – 3.5 percent
7. Raleigh, NC – 3.5 percent
8. Jacksonville, Fla. – 3.4 percent
9. San Francisco – 3.3 percent
10. Austin, TX – 3.3 percent

Headlight also took a look at metro areas with the slowest job growth. To find that list, go to You can also find interactive maps on the full study there.