Trump’s presidential salary to help Antietam projects

Antietam National Battlefield
This June 7, 2013, file photo shows Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpburg, Md.

SHARPSBURG, Md. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s salary, which he promised to give away, will go toward two restoration projects at Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke made the announcement Wednesday at Antietam. He says Trump’s first quarter salary donation is $78,333, and $22,000 was pledged by an anonymous donor.

Antietam National Battlefield
In this Dec. 1, 2012 photo, visitors at Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Md., wander the hills as dusk falls and some of the 23,000 luminaries set out by volunteers glow in the gathering darkness.

The donation will restore the Newcomer House on the Antietam Battlefield. It will also be used to replace 5,000 feet of deteriorated rail fencing along the Hagerstown Turnpike, where some of the most intense fighting of the battle occurred.

Some 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after 12 hours of combat on Sept. 17, 1862, in the Battle of Antietam.