To The Point: Calley talks part-time state legislature

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When Lt. Gov. Brian Calley made a special announcement on Mackinac Island, many people thought it would be the beginning of his race for governor.

Many people still believe he will run. But what he talked about on the island was something completely different, a part-time legislature.

Political Reporter Rick Ablin asked him why part time and why now?

“I first came to the conclusion that we ought to do this back in 2009 when I was part of a small group of legislators that proposed it. Working in the legislature myself, I see that the way that we do it is the most inefficient way possible and it’s very unusual across the nation,” Calley said.

“Forty-one other states have part-time legislature systems. That means that they have certain periods of time each year that the lawmaking happens and then the rest of the time people are just back there living in the real world. So you save money, I think you get better laws because people making the laws are out there in the real world living under the laws that they make.”

On this July 9, 2017, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley is a guest on “To The Point”.