Wyoming public safety chief gets statewide honor

James Carmody, MACP Presidential Medal
Wyoming Department of Public Safety Chief James Carmody, accompanied by his wife Ralene, is awarded with the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Presidential Medal. (Courtesy photo - June 2017)

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The director of public safety for the city of Wyoming has received the top honor from the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief James Carmody received Presidential Medal from the association at a ceremony in late June. The award recognized Carmody for “a personal dedication and commitment above and beyond normal professional duties.”

The award could be given out each year but it isn’t, the executive director of MACP, Robert Stevenson, said.

“Prior to Chief Carmody receiving the award, it had only been given out twice in the last five years,” Stevenson told 24 Hour News 8. “It is the highest and rarest award that we give.”

Carmody said he was humbled to receive the award.

“It was a great honor,” he told 24 Hour News 8 Monday. “For all the sacrifices that we have made, my family’s made and some of the trials and tribulations that I have something that you can’t take away from.”

While deeply appreciative of the commendation, Carmody said his greatest professional pleasure comes when he hears the appreciation members of the public have for his department.

The chief received the award in late June at a ceremony he attended with his wife. He didn’t say much about the honor within the department and few seemed to know about it. Once word got out, the city put together a press release to spread the news.

In a written statement, Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt said the award is well deserved.

“As a City, we are deeply honored to have Chief Carmody recognized by his peers…,” Holt said. “He exemplifies professionalism and has a deep commitment to law enforcement, to his officers and staff, and to all the residents of the City of Wyoming.”

Monday marked Carmody’s 11th anniversary as Wyoming’s public safety chief. He says the department’s officers inspire him daily.

“It has, and will continue to be, a team effort as we work collectively to advance our communities and work to provide the best public safety services,” Carmody said in a written public statement.

Carmody, who began his public safety career in 1976, lives in the city he serves. He received a certificate and a medal to commemorate his award.