Recent rainfall, heat fuels mosquito population in W. MI

A mosquito trap. (July 30, 2015)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The rain, standing water and humidity create perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

24 Hour News 8 spoke with Mosquito Squad, a pest control service, about the current mosquito season and what these added weather conditions mean for the pests.

“We could have dormant eggs laid across in dry areas, but now because it’s moist they’re going to hatch,” said Jack Den Uyl, the owner of Mosquito Squad.

The recent rain has left a lot of areas throughout West Michigan with standing water. It can cause a big problem for those who live by water because it’s a massive breeding ground for mosquitoes. The insects breed every five days, especially now with the inches of water accumulated. Eggs can last up to two years.

Mosquito Squad said it’s been a busy mosquito season for them in general this year. The next couple of weeks are expected to be busier with the recent rain and heat.

“Everyone is going to see, I’ll say tens of thousands, if not millions of mosquitoes, cycle, breeding, as well as hatching and looking for their first blood meal right away,” said Den Uyl.

Mosquitoes will breed in trees, tall grass, and places that accumulate standing water.

“Even with a bottled water cap, a female can lay up to 300 eggs, even little things like this in your yard is something you want to be conscious of,” said Den Uyl.

Mosquito Squad created the following tips to help keep a yard free of mosquitoes:

  • Tip over items to reduce standing water.
  • Toss out yard trash.
  • Turn over yard items that hold standing water.
  • Remove tarps.
  • Take care of home maintenance.
  • Team up with neighbors to create a mosquito-free zone.