What’s next for brides jilted by Alfred Angelo closing

Alfred Angelo
A sign posted on the door of Alfred Angelo off 28th Street SE says the store is closed.

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Mercedes Joshua considers herself one of the fortunate brides-to-be who ordered her dress from Alfred Angelo before the company shut down.

It was already a busy summer for Joshua – she recently graduated from law school, is taking the bar exam next week, and is getting married in August.

“There’s a lot going on but I was handling it all pretty well,” she said.

That was until last Friday, when Alfred Angelo suddenly closed up shop while her dress was still being altered.

The company wasn’t offering up any answers, so Joshua went on her own search for the seamstress who had her dress.

“Through the friend of a friend of a friend, I got the seamstress’s number. She has my dress, and she’s going it give it to me,” said Joshua.

But it will cost her another $214.

“Even though I paid Alfred Angelo, they did not pay her. This is her livelihood, she has to make a living too. So I don’t mind paying her again,” Joshua said.

She says she feels fortunate; at least she’ll have her dress back. Dozens of other customers who’ve contacted 24 Hour News 8 are still waiting for answers from Alfred Angelo, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Friday.

While the company is promising more information when it becomes available and dresses bought and paid for should not be part of the bankruptcy procedure, that’s not much help for brides with fast approaching nuptials.

“You’re holding somebody’s property hostage, really,” said Joshua, who is now trying to limit her financial losses.

Her first move was to file a credit card dispute against Alfred Angelo for the alterations.

“I’m going to get a receipt from my seamstress, to show that I paid twice. I paid Alfred Angelo the same amount and I paid her the same amount,” explained Joshua.

That’s one of attorney general’s several suggestions from the Michigan Attorney General’s office in the wake of the Alfred Angelo closing. Others include:

  • Contact your bank or credit card company to stop or dispute payments to Alfred Angelo.
  • If you arranged long-term financing, contact the financing company to dispute charges for goods/services you did not receive.
  • Beware of potential scammers who offer to get your dress back for a price.

Concerned customers are also encouraged to visit the Better Business Bureau’s page for updates on the Alfred Angelo situation and email alfredangelo@mjstrustee.com to receive an order status once information is available.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office is also warning people who want to help out brides in a bind: Watch out for people who set up crowdfunding pages to raise money to replace items they never purchased.