Changing of the guard: Ottawa Co. sheriff reveals new K-9

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — The Ottawa County sheriff showed off the newest members of the department’s K-9 unit Wednesday. While one team is completely new, the other marks a changing of the guard.

Deputy Jeremy Osbun and his new dog Kyan have been spending a lot of time training over the past few months. The team was just certified and are on patrol in Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Sheriff K-9 Kyan.

For Osbun, the transition is bittersweet. Kyan has replaced Zeno, who has been Osbun’s partner for the last nine years — which is the average length of time a K-9 works before retiring.

Zeno still has an imposing stare and has busted a lot of criminals over the years. But when he began having trouble getting back in the car, Osbun knew retirement was near.

Retired Ottawa County Sheriff K-9 Zeno.

“You can see by the grey in his face, he is a seasoned veteran,” Osbun said. “It’s hard because you know that the sun is going to set on his career. They only have so many jumps in those legs. When it’s time, you just know.”

Now retired, Zeno still lives with Osbun and his family — and Kyan has moved in, too.

Kyan is still learning and getting into the routines of the job and Osbun is getting used to his new partner.

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Jeremy Osbun, K-9 Kyan
Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jeremy Osbun and his K-9 partner, Kyan. (July 26, 2017)

“I’m comfortable with it because I really feel Zeno has earned retirement. That’s what he deserves. And to have a fresh set of legs in the back with an abundance of energy, I’m good with it,” Osbun said.

Osbun thanked the community members who donated to the department to help buy Kyan and support the costs of the K-9 units.

Also introduced Wednesday was K-9 Pappy, who will be partnered with Deputy Tony Stariha.