Dismemberment suspect’s mom receiving death threats

Anthony Blamer
Anthony Blamer in court on Aug. 8, 2017.

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. (WOOD) – The mother of a Fremont man charged with dismembering and disposing of a Muskegon man’s body is speaking exclusively to 24 Hour News 8 over fear her family may now be in danger.

Anthony Blamer Jr. was charged Tuesday in Newaygo County court on charges of felony disinterment or mutilation of a dead body and felony concealing the death of an individual.

One of the investigators testified in front of a judge, stating Blamer admitted to using a chainsaw to cut up D’Anthony Keenan’s body, according to a probable cause recording. The two met Aug. 4 because Blamer was installing a radio in Keenan’s car.

Blamer’s mother, Lori, is speaking out over concerns about threats to her family on social media leading to real violence.

She said people who knew Keenan have sent threatening messages about cutting off her 3-year-old grandson’s head, killing Blamer once he’s released and burying the suspect with the rest of the family.

“I wish they would know we didn’t have nothing to do with it and not come after us because I am scared. I can’t close my eyes,” she said.

She has only spoken to her son once since his arrest, and said she isn’t trying to justify his actions. As his mother, she said she doesn’t understand how he could have carried out what he admitted to.

“I felt maybe he got scared. He should’ve called the cops (rather) than try to take care of it himself. He did it the wrong way. He should’ve called the cops right off the bat,” Lori said.

She said she understands why the victim’s loved ones are so upset.

“I feel so sorry for them. I know they probably don’t want to hear that but I really do feel sorry and I hope they don’t come after us.”

The Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department is aware of the threats.

As for the Muskegon County investigation, the assistant prosecutor said they will meet with investigators early next week to determine if there is enough evidence to file murder charges against Blamer.