Court docs: Girl bit, kicked toddler before death

1-year-old Korey Brown died at Muskegon home day care in April

An undated courtesy photo of Korey Brown.

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Court documents show the 8-year-old girl accused of killing a toddler at a Muskegon home day care earlier this year has serious mental health problems.

In a petition filed last month, the Department of Health and Human Services in Muskegon County asked a court to remove the girl — who 24 Hour News 8 is not identifying — from her mother’s care at “no fault of (her) mother” and place her in a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Maat said the petition will permit the Court to remain involved and decide where the girl should be place for the whatever period of time is deemed appropriate.

In its chronology of the April 14 homicide, the petition states the girl took 1-year-old Korey Brown out of his playpen while he was crying and screaming, put him in a closet, bit his face and began kicking him. Investigators said they found blood in the closet and on pillowcases, “evidencing that the victim was in the closet and that a pillow was covering his face.”

DHHS officials noted the girl’s brother, who was 4 at the time, was also staying at the day care and reported being scared by what his sister was doing.

The petition also details the 8-year-old’s behavior at home, school and her “self-report.”

Sometime after Brown’s death, the girl set fire to a couch in her home while her mother was out of the room and her brother was asleep. She said a “red demon” told her to burn the couch, adding that the red voice tells her to pinch or bite her brother. She reported she also hears and sees figures frequently, including a white demon that tells her to do something while a “white guy” tells her not to.

Citing the girl’s mom and school records, the petition also mentions the girl has been suspended from school eight or nine times for reasons including “fighting, hitting a lunch aid, used a chair to harm another story, stealing, disruptions in the classroom, intentionally making herself vomit.” It also states she has received “intensive school services to monitor her acting out behavior.”

The petition goes on to state the 8-year-old has been subjected to and “witnessed repeated acts of domestic violence over a long period of time perpetuated by her father against her mother.”

DHHS argues the girl is presumed incompetent to face any delinquency charges that could stem from its findings.

Authorities say Keysha Collins, the owner of the day care where Korey died, slept through the incident. She was later charged with child abuse and neglect. Earlier this week, Korey’s mother reached out to 24 Hour News 8 after learning Collins was offered a plea deal in the case that did not include jail time. The Muskegon County prosecutor apologized and promised to rectify the situation.