Will Dollar General buy historic Colon building?

Lamb Knit Goods Co.
The Lamb Knit Goods Co. building in Colon on Aug. 22, 2017.

COLON, Mich. (WOOD) — Rumors are spreading that Dollar General wants to buy a long-vacant historical building in Colon and tear it down.

The old building sits quietly on the edge of town, but its silence has many people talking about its future. From being used as a seminary to its days as the Lamb Knit Mill, the building has endured the test of time. But it has been empty for decades.

“You hate to see history go away,” Rick Fisher, who owns a magic shop in town, told 24 Hour News 8. “Too many towns are losing history.”

The historical building is officially on the market. Fisher said he is helping the owner sell the property, which has been listed with Jay’s Auctions and Real Estate for about a year.

The word on the street has been that Dollar General is going to buy the old building, tear it down and replace it with a Dollar General store. Not so fast, Fisher said.

“Yes, this is something they would be interested in,” he said. “Yes, (Dollar General) had approached the real estate company about looking into it, but I don’t know anything further than that because of confidentiality between the owner of the building and the real estate company.”

Colon Village Manager Mitch Mitchell said he has heard the rumor, but nobody with Dollar General has contacted the city.

“If you look it up on the MLS (real estate database) system, it shows active contingent, which means there’s some offers been made and it’s contingent on- it could be inspections, it could be on any number of things,” Mitchell said.

Fisher confirmed Dollar General made that offer — but he said it’s not in writing.

Dollar General issued a statement to 24 Hour News 8, saying, “At this time, we do not have any current plans to add another location to St. Joseph County.”