Greenville gets Jorgensen’s grocery store back

Jorgensen's grocery store
An Aug. 25, 2017 of the newly reopened Jorgensen's grocery store in Greenville.

GREENVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Customers are once again combing the aisles at Jorgensen’s grocery store in Greenville.

“I love to go grocery shopping, (and) not have to go through the whole store to find something that I want,” said Dottie Winters as she shopped at the newly reopened store Friday morning.

That’s exactly what Jack Jorgensen is counting on. He’s the second of four generations of Jorgensens in the grocery business.

But in 2010, the sinking economy, the existence of Meijer and the arrival of Walmart helped put the old Jorgensen’s grocery store out of business.

“We’ve always co-existed with Meijer real well,” said Jorgensen. “But then when Walmart came in. It kind of (changed) … everything.”

Still, Jorgensen never lost touch with his customers.

“We’ve always been noted for fresh meat especially. And a lot of people miss that and they missed the bakery that we had too,” he said.

So Jorgensen decided to give it another try.

“And when they heard we were reopening, we’ve heard nothing but positive reaction,” he added.

The store is different. It has a smaller sales floor footprint and new efficiencies to cut operation costs. The new store is also using a more traditional customer service model.

Jorgensen’s director of operations says they know they won’t put the big box stores out of business. But Brett Meilleur says there’s enough of the pie for everyone to have a slice.

“The seven years we were gone it’s kind of shown everybody what they’re going to get from the two big boys in town. And, you know, they’re always going to have their place, but there’s definitely a calling for more customer service,” said Meilleur.

Jorgensen’s will celebrate its grand opening Monday.