Arrest made in connection to GR drug bust

Some of the items seized during the search. (Courtesy of Western District of Michigan U.S. Attorney's Office)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Another arrest was made in connection to a big drug bust in Grand Rapids that resulted in one of the suffered a gunshot wound..

The local DEA office says this is the largest bust they’ve had in years. So far 15 people have been arrested, and investigators are looking for three more: Etrevion Murphy, Demetrius Gaines and Retisha Pegram.

Michael Yasenchak with the Grand Rapids DEA Office says this team of drug dealers has international ties and includes two of the biggest drug dealers in Grand Rapids, Ray Lee and Yusef Phillips.

$2.2 million of drugs were seized. That’s the whole sale price, once “cut” and sold, that number goes up.

Yasenchak says they found heroin, cocaine and marijuana, along with $1 million in cash. The source of the supply was in Los Angeles and there are ties to countries south of the U.S. border.

The bust took months to put in place with help from multiple agencies.

There were three waves of raids carried out on Sunday.

The investigation started with a tip from someone who was arrested.

“We asked them who the biggest drug dealer was in the Grand Rapids area and that’s how we were put onto this group,” said Yasenchak. “They said they’d been operating for several years and gave us an idea of how to get into them and it worked.”

The group moved 30-60 kilograms of both cocaine and heroin a month up until the bust.

The suspects are facing up to 20 years or life in prison depending on the allegations against them.