Fennville coach suspended for grabbing player

FENNVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Fennville Public Schools suspended its head football coach for two games after he manhandled a player during a game last week.

The incident happened during a game at Coloma Friday following what Superintendent Jim Greydanus described as an “intense interaction on the field between the teams.”

A statement from the superintendent released Tuesday said coach Brian Sackett admitted he grabbed a player’s pads and shouted at him, then pushed the player toward the bench. Shortly thereafter, Sackett apologized to the player and “encouraged him to get back into the game as soon as he was ready,” the statement said in part.

The district said what it found in its investigation lined up with Sackett’s story.

“In responding to this incident, Fennville Public Schools seeks to maintain standards of accountability while allowing for restoration of relationships,” Greydanus’ statement concluded. “We remain committed to providing the best possible experience for our athletes.”

Assistant coaches will be in charge while Sackett is on suspension.