Fundraiser held for ex-wife of Kzoo mass shooting suspect

A fundraiser was held for the ex-wife and kids of accused Kalamazoo mass shooter, Jason Dalton on Sept. 16, 2017.

COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) – A fundraiser was held Saturday for the ex-wife and kids of accused Kalamazoo mass shooter, Jason Dalton.

A silent auction and vendor show was held at Comstock High School, with the proceeds going to Carole Dalton and her two kids.

She filed for divorce just days after the shooting spree in February of 2016.

Ashley Bilyk organized Saturday’s fundraiser. She put on a similar event for shooting survivor Abbie Kopf earlier this year.

Bilyk said Carole and her kids have had to start over and start a new life.

“We want to provide them that cushion, that security again. Because she doesn’t have that anymore. Basically it’s — you’re the bread winner,” Bilyk said.

But Bilyk said not everyone was on board when she hatched the idea to hold a fundraiser for the shooting suspect’s family.

“At first people questioned it. Wanted to know why I decided it. But when I sat down, I explained to them, they (Carole Dalton and her kids) are victims too,” Bilyk said.

“Just because they weren’t shot. Just because they weren’t the family members of the people that were shot. They are just as much victims as everybody else. They didn’t know that this was going happen,” she continued.

Jason Dalton is accused of shooting eight people and killing six the night of Feb. 20, 2016.

His trial was delayed back in May due to an appeal. No new date has been set yet.