Factors that are affecting your fertility

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – If you’re trying to grow your family, but are having a hard time doing so, it might be time to see a fertility specialist. Today, we talked to Dr. William Dodds and Dr. Mili Thakur about different factors that can effect fertility.

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Both men and women are delaying childbearing. This raises important questions about the impact of age on human fertility. In the video, they discuss the impact of advancing age on both male and female fertility and how it affects the health of the offspring. They also discuss how, with the help and support from their families, employers and communities, young people can start and care for their family.

Also, the connection between the environment and an individual is vital for reproduction. They discuss how environmental toxins interfere with reproductive function and some common medications /supplements that can impact fertility. For example, testosterone supplementation can reduce sperm count in men.

Furthermore, a normal calorie intake is necessary for normal development and function of reproductive function. Being overweight or underweight adversely impacts fertility. In the video, they emphasize the importance of an active lifestyle, adequate daylight exposure, de-stressing and refraining from smoking.

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