Balance style with function at Premier Family Eye Care

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – When you’re picking out a new pair of glasses, it’s important to balance style with function. Today, we’re getting some tips on both from our expert in eye care, Dr. Jay Crank of Premier Family Eye Care. 

People make emotional choices. For instance, it is more fun to buy glasses for their look than for their function. Dr. Jay Crank brought in 30 pairs of glasses, and 2 models. The women have different facial structures, to show how certain frames work better on certain people.

>>> Take a look in the video above.

Dr. Jay Crank also educated the viewers on the importance of lenses – how things have changed in the past 10 years, and how everyday technology is creating new issues for our eyes.

With smartphones, ipads and big screen TV, we use technology so much more than we used to. How is that affecting our eyes?

  • More strain on your eyes
  • How your eyes receive digital images are different than natural light/scenery
  • It causes a bunch of other issues that affect you in everyday life

I’ve had these glasses/lenses for a long time but my prescription hasn’t changed. What difference does it make/why should I get new lenses?

  • Big difference in how lenses are being manufactured in the past 10 years
  • Digital lenses are optimized for technology usage
  • Lenses focus images better than they used to: It’s like standard definition TV to watching something in HD.
  • New features like “blue light” filters

What do “blue light” filters do?

  • Blue light is emitted from all digital products.
  • Blue light Causes:  sleeping issues, trouble focusing on work, lots of different issues for your kids

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