Docs: Wiped phone led to charge in missing mom murder case

Four people charged in connection to Ana Marie Carrillo murder investigation

Angela Wilson
An Oct. 16, 2017 mug shot of Angela Wilson. (Kent County Sheriff's Office)

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A woman charged in connection to the murder case of a missing Wyoming mother had her cellphone wiped before handing it over to police, according to court records obtained by 24 Hour News 8 Tuesday.

Angela Ruth Wilson is charged with perjury and tampering with evidence in the Ana Marie Carrillo investigation. She was arraigned Monday.

Carrillo, 35, was last seen Sept. 3 when she left her Wyoming home to pick up her children from the home of their father, Andrew Hudson. Her car was discovered abandoned in a church parking lot near the home of Hudson, who is now charged with Carrillo’s murder.

Photo: An undated courtesy image Ana Marie Carrillo. (Wyoming Department of Public Safety)

Wilson is the common-law wife of Andrew Hudson’s father, Lyle Hudson.

The prosecutor’s investigative subpoena states Wilson made a false statement under oath while being questioned by the prosecutor. However, the court filing does not elaborate on what Wilson said.

The subpoena does say during that testimony, Wilson was told that investigators would need to examine her cellphone for evidence. However, when she later turned over her phone, police computer forensic experts reported the phone had been wiped or reset to its factory settings, “destroying all evidentiary communication records.”

It’s unclear what messages investigators were trying to obtain from the phone.

In probable cause documents, investigators said Andrew Hudson lured Carrillo to his home under the pretense of picking up her children, who were not there. Police said they found blood evidence inside Andrew’s home and truck that linked him to Carrillo, as well as an apparent effort to hide evidence in the case.

Andrew Hudson
Photo: A Sept. 11, 2017 mug shot of Andrew Hudson. (Kent County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the court documents, an officer who visited Andrew’s home the day Carrillo disappeared spotted a fire in a burn barrel on the property. The court filing states Andrew told investigators he only burned yard waste “and similar items,” but the officer found evidence of clothing in the barrel, including Aeropostale buttons — the same clothing brand Carrillo was last seen wearing.

Andrew, Lyle and Andrew’s mother, Nancy DeCamp are all charged with perjury in the investigation as well.

Photo: An undated mugshot of Nancy DeCamp. (Courtesy of Kent County Sheriff’s Department)

Police said Andrew lied to them about the whereabouts of the couple’s children and where he was the day of Carrillo’s disappearance.

DeCamp is accused of providing “false statements regarding her knowledge and/or statements made by others regarding the murder of Ana Carrillo,” court records indicate. She pleaded not guilty to the charge Monday.

Lyle Hudson
Photo: A Sept. 11 mug shot of Lyle Hudson. (Kent County Sheriff’s Office)

Lyle is accused of lying about “his knowledge of and/or involvement with a trail camara [sic] and/or images storage device and/or his contact or communication with Andrew Hudson,” the felony complaint against him states.

Neighbors say Lyle had a trail camera set up outside his Hudsonville home to surveil his property.

Perjury is a felony charge that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.