Emergency vehicles remind drivers to move over

HASTINGS, Mich. (WOOD) – A local effort to promote roadside safety traveled through Hastings as part of National Move Over Day.

The day aims to remind drivers of the move over law, which requires them to pass emergency or roadside crews with caution.

Every state has a Move Over law covering police, first responders and towing operators whose “office” often is on the side of the road. Each law requires motorists to move over one lane – when possible – or slow down by at least 20 mph as they approach a roadside scene.

In Michigan, breaking the Move Over law is a misdemeanor. Fines could run upwards of $150 plus 4 points on your license.

“We’re kinda constantly looking over our back when we’re on the side hooking a car,” Matt Spencer told 24 Hour News 8. He’s a second-generation tower and owns Priority Collision Center in Hastings.

Spencer organized a caravan of emergency vehicles, fire trucks and tow trucks in order to remind people to take the law seriously. Participants traveled through Nashville, Hastings and ended in Middleville Saturday morning.

“Imagine taking your work desk chair and placing it on the white line and having a car that you could reach out and touch with your hand go by you at 55 mph. It’s very scary,” Spencer explained.

According to AAA, a tow truck driver is killed in the U.S. every 6 days.