GRAM celebrates 10 years downtown with new exhibits

A screenprint of Andy Warhol's 1987 piece "Moonwalk". (Courtesy Grand Rapids Art Museum)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Art Museum is kicking off its 10th anniversary of moving into its current location in the heart of downtown.

On Saturday, the museum’s fall exhibition opens with pieces by an artist showcased 10 years ago when the new building opened.

Campbell’s soup, the moon landing, money. It’s doesn’t get much more American than that.

That’s why the exhibit is called “Andy Warhol: American Icons.”

Ten years ago, when the Grand Rapids Art Museum moved into it’s current building at 101 Monroe Center, a Warhol exhibit welcomed visitors.

“We can ask ourselves, ‘What has changed about America? Also what did he get right? What icons are different now?'” GRAM Director and CEO Dana Friis-Hansen said.

Friis-Hansen points out this exhibit, in addition to Warhol’s silk screen prints and paintings, and also features his works with Polaroid photography and film.

A floor above, an artist without the name recognition of Warhol, but a name Friis-Hansen is betting guests will remember after experiencing his art.

Experience might be the best way to describe Christian Marclay’s work.

“Imagine four screens, four speakers, over 700 film clips, across 17 minutes and it dazzles your ears, it dazzles your eyes,” Friis-Hansen said. “It’s very hard to explain so I tell people come see it. Take a look.”

The piece called for the GRAM to transform the gallery to accommodate the sights and sounds of Marclay’s art.

“Andy Warhol: American Icons” will be on view through Feb. 11 and “Christian Marclay: Video Quartet” will run through Jan. 14.