To The Point: Rep. Afendoulis, MI gov. candidate Hines

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Legislators received a bill reforming no-fault auto insurance in Michigan this week, but it isn’t getting everyone’s support.

Kent County Republican Rep. Chris Afendoulis said there is different legislation that he would like to see considered.

“I think there is a bipartisan support for the current system, but there is bipartisan support that it needs to have some changes and I think that if we could get beyond just looking at one bill, there’s 23 other pieces of legislation that have been proposed and assigned to the Insurance Committee,” he said.

Attempting to reform no-fault insurance isn’t the only thing happening in Lansing.

Dr. Jim Hines, a Republican candidate for governor, is running because he thinks too many of Michigan’s college graduates are leaving the state.

“I’m concerned about the state of Michigan, I’m concerned about my family,” he said. “I have five sons who are married, they have the 13 grandchildren and not a one of them lives in the state of Michigan. That should tell Michiganders that we have an issue and we do have an issue because our graduates are leaving the state.”

In the above Oct 29, 2017 “To The Point,” hear more from Afendoulis and Hines.