Body of missing Wyoming mom Ana Carrillo found

Ana Carrillo
Loved ones of Ana Carrillo embrace after finding out her body has been found. (Nov. 9, 2017)

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The search for missing Wyoming mother Ana Marie Carrillo is over.

The announcement that Carrillo’s body had been found came moments after Andrew Hudson, who is charged with Carrillo’s murder, waived the rest of his preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon, sending the case to circuit court. Carrillo relatives in court for the hearing hugged one another upon hearing the developments.

“For us it brings closure to the family, certainly. And this is something we committed to from the very beginning, to do whatever we can do to bring Ana’s body home,” Wyoming Department of Public Safety Chief James Carmody said.

Police said they found Carrillo’s body in an undisclosed location, although not in the area they were searching in the past 24 hours, which included the Millennium Park and  Johnson Park areas. Capt. Kim Koster also told 24 Hour News 8 that a woman’s body found near Plaster Creek was also not Carrillo.

An autopsy on Carrillo’s body was scheduled to happen Friday.

On Thursday afternoon, a couple of hours after police said they had found Carrillo’s body, investigators were seen along Maguire Avenue near 3 Mile Road northeast of Grand Rapids. Records show a home in that area is owned by Andrew Hudson’s mother.

Authorities would not comment on why they were at the scene or even confirm it was connected to the Carrillo case.

Neighbors say a marked police cruiser was blocking the street and that investigators were in the woods near the home for a couple of hours.

“They were digging and they had the thing go out that they do the sifting to sift the dirt through to see whatever is on top,” neighbor Nikki Maciejewski said. “It’s unsettling to have things like that that close by.”

Hudson’s mother Nancy DeCamp is charged with perjury in the Carrillo investigation, as is Hudson’s father Lyle Hudson and Lyle Hudson’s girlfriend Angela Wilson. It did not appear anyone was at DeCamp’s home when a 24 Hour News 8 crew went there Thursday night.

Carrillo had been missing since Sept. 3. Investigators believe her ex-boyfriend Andrew Hudson lured her to his home under the pretense of picking up her children, even though they were not there. Investigators have not said how they believe Carrillo died.

A source told 24 Hour News 8 that Hudson was also at that scene of Wednesday’s hourslong search after his preliminary hearing was adjourned so his defense team could meet with prosecutors for plea negotiations.

In court Wednesday, Hudson’s brother testified that he asked his brother if there was anything about Carrillo’s disappearance that the family needed to know.

“He made some statement along the lines of: ‘If they find the body, I’m f***ed,’” Jamie Hudson said.

Crime scene technician Todd Masula testified investigators found 16 stains in the basement of Andrew Hudson’s home that tests showed were blood, as well as blood in the kitchen sink and on towels in the dryer. The technician said there was evidence that someone had tried to clean some of the blood spatter on the cabinets and at the bottom of the stairs.

Masula testified that clothing debris including buttons, clasps, zippers and the underwire from a bra were found in a burn barrel on a concrete patio in Hudson’s backyard. Masula said some of those clothing items bore an Aeropostale logo — the same brand Carrillo was last seen wearing.

Joe Carrillo, Ana Carrillo’s uncle, said the situation has been difficult to explain to her children, but the family is trying to take it one day at a time.

“I’m hoping for the best today, that we will be able to find her and be able to lay her to rest and let the judicial system take its course,” he said before the announcement came.

Carrillo’s family has started a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral costs.