Local veteran gets new water system after 3 years

Robert Self
Marine Veteran Robert Self (Nov. 11, 2017)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Veterans Day 2017 will be one Marine Veteran Robert Self won’t forget anytime soon.

He’s been living in his home for the past three years with no running water after his pipes froze and burst back in late 2013.

Since then, Self has been filling his buckets with water from a water spigot near his home. He uses the water to do everything from dishes to showering.

“We needed to do something for this gentleman and quickly took action,” Brad Krause, President of Service Professor said. “We quickly uncovered we were serving a veteran of the Marine Corps who didn’t have the financial means to take care of his issues that he had in his mobile home”

A team of plumbers volunteered to replace all of the pipes in Self’s home, at no cost to the Marine Vet. They also replaced the toilet and water heater. The estimated cost of the work is four to six thousand dollars.

The crew of plumbers teamed up after plumber Steve Decaire took a service call, came out to Self’s home, and discovered how Self had been getting his water. He knew they needed to help.

“He’s a veteran, we need to get him taken care of. So many of them get slipped through the cracks, it’s not good,” Decaire said.

Self says he’s looking forward to something he hasn’t been able to do in his home for years.

“Get a good shower, a warm shower, I’m tired of taking a shower with cold water,” Self said.