Superheroes make Muskegon adoption day special

Chris and Deanna Collins held a superhero adoption ceremony at the Muskegon County Courthouse on Nov. 17, 2017.

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Muskegon County held a special hearing Friday for some superhero parents who officially welcomed a new child into their family.

The superhero-themed hearing Friday afternoon in Judge Brenda Sprader’s courtroom expanded the Collins family from four to five with the addition of 18-month-old Isaiah. Even Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson made an appearance as Batman.

>>App users: Tap to see superheroes gathered for the adoption.

“I have great admiration and respect for folks like you because it does take a little courage, takes some guts,” Hilson said in front of a packed courtroom of friends and family excited to see Isaiah join the family.

One of the people in attendance was Isaiah’s birth mother, who spoke about giving her blessing for the adoption.

“She’s the one who brought him into the world and we wouldn’t have him if it wasn’t for her,” Deanna Collins, Isaiah’s adoptive mom, said. “I do care about her and what happens to her, we’ve always kept a friendship there.”

Isaiah has been living with the Collins since he was just a few weeks old.

“The first day we went to the hospital and held him we kind of felt something when we left. I don’t know why, but we did,” Collins added.

In addition to raising four (now five) kids, they’re currently hosting an exchange student and have fostered other children. They hope their joy with Isaiah motivates others to look into adoption.

“There are so many kids that just need a safe, loving home to go to and be cared for and loved for, so I’d like to encourage that,” Isaiah’s adoptive father, Chris Collins, said.