Mobile home residents want brown water fixed

Canterbury Estates
Water in a bathtub at Canterbury Estates near Ionia. (Nov. 19, 2017)

IONIA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The water at an Ionia-area mobile home park is murky brown and residents say they worried about drinking and bathing in it.

Residents at Canterbury Estates off Tuttle Road east of S. State Road say they haven’t gotten answers or help from management. For some, the problem has been around so long that it’s the norm, but one couple who moved in within the last few months says they’re floored they can’t get a permanent fix.

Benjamin Cummings told 24 Hour News 8 he has to replace the water filter for his family’s home every few days even though the filters are designed to last three months.

Canterbury Estates
Photo: One of Cummings’ used water filters. (Nov. 19, 2017)

“Today’s date is November 19th, 2017. We’ve been struggling with water issues here since we moved in,” he said while filming brown muck coming out of his tub faucet Sunday afternoon.

Benjamin and Marilyn Cummings’ 7-year-old daughter Danica loves to take baths. But since they moved in, the couple hasn’t allowed her to sit in the water. They’re worried about her safety and health because they don’t know what’s causing the water to run brown.

“We’ve told her that she can’t take a bath, that we have to do quick showers and wash our hair,” Marilyn Cummings said.

“At our old house, it didn’t give us this problem,” Danica said.

The Cummings family moved to Canterbury Estates, which uses a well system, in September. They say they were not notified there were problems with the water. When they saw the brown water that flowed from their faucets, they asked for help from management and were told it was a filtration problem that would be fixed.

They say that in the last two months, they have had two boil water advisories. At one point, their water was shut off without prior notice. Then on Friday, they got a flyer that read, “Water tested at Canterbury Estates. … Water all clear to drink.” The flyer did not indicate what kind of tests had been conducted.

They’re still buying bottled water.

“We don’t drink water out of the tap at all,” Marilyn Cummings said.

“We still don’t drink ours,” fellow Canterbury Estates resident John England said.

He and his wife have the same problem.

“I went to do laundry just a couple days ago and went to put it in the dryer and it was like, ‘Oh great, there goes our water again,'” Amanda England said.

The Englands say the water has been a problem since they moved to Canterbury Estates four years ago. They have experienced it at two separate homes in the park.

“We put a water filter system in this house and that helps with the showers. But when the water turns brown, we just don’t shower,” John England said.

On Sunday, 24 Hour News 8 called management to get answers about what was causing the discoloration. Two managers had no comment other than to say the issue would be addressed Monday morning.