Rock painting parties spread kindness, fun

Color West Michigan, rock painting
A rock painting party in Grandville on Nov. 18, 2017.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The goal of a rock painting party is simple: Gather some friends, paint some rocks and hide them around town for people to find.

“It’s kind of like hide and seek for rocks,” Christina Pruis, who helps run a Facebook group for Color West Michigan, explained.

People paint positive messages on rocks and hide the rocks in the community for others to find. It’s a nationwide trend now here in West Michigan.

“It’s just about spreading joy and kindness. You just put the rocks out and a passerby is supposed to find them and just kind of encourage their day or put a smile on their face,” Pruis said. “There’s a lot of violence and sadness today nowadays, so it’s something to bring positivity to your environment.”

Painters gathered Saturday at a JOANN Fabric and Craft Store in Grandville had found rocks of their own.

“We’ve found several,” attendee Jennifer Preston said. “You hear about all the bad in the world, so it’s good to see people come together to just show love for once.”

“It made me feel like people were trying to be nice and to spread happiness throughout the world,” Shaia Adriance added. “Teenagers feel like they’re unimportant. I just felt connected because I was one of those teenagers and I just want to make everyone happy.”

It’s a brush stroke of creativity meant to brighten a stranger’s day.

“One little word or one sentence could change a person’s life,” Preston said.