Judge upholds order against alleged playground bully

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The personal protection order a West Michigan couple filed against their son’s alleged bully is staying place, at least for now.

A judge Wednesday heard arguments regarding the case, which stems from incidents on Aug. 29 and Oct. 17 at Century Park Learning Center in Grandville.

The parents of the boy say their son was kicked and hit by another boy on the playground while the kids were playing football. They said the alleged attack left their son with a concussion and eye injuries.

The victim’s parents say they filed a PPO against the alleged bully because the school didn’t do enough to prevent the attacks and didn’t discipline the suspect after the first fight. The parents said the school also waited until the end of the day to suspend the alleged bully for three days after the second attack.

The judge ruled Wednesday that the order would stay in place. The judge said the alleged bully could return to school, but could not follow the boy he reportedly assaulted. He said the school would need to step in to enforce the PPO because the boys are currently in the same class.

The victim’s parents said Wednesday they were happy with the judge’s decision.

“It’s a good thing. The other young man deserves an education. The school is not providing that even to him,” said the victim’s stepdad, Justin Haverkate.

The judge said the courts will work with all the groups to help resolve this issue. Both boys will be back in school on Monday.