Helping those who help others

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – This time of year, we focus on the extras… gifts, delicious meals, lavish parties. We don’t always consider, or talk about the fact that there’s a whole lot of people in West Michigan who aren’t having their most basic needs met.

A safe place to stay, a meal to eat or a warm winter coat.

The Holland Rescue Mission works tirelessly all year long to provide those things, and a whole lot more.

Today, we’re focusing on how we can help in that mission this holiday season — whether it’s time, or money. We’re taking you inside the Holland Rescue Mission to learn how we can help.

>>> Take a look in the video above.

Some Christmas volunteer opportunities include: adopting one of the Gateway Program students by shopping for items off their Christmas list. You can also volunteer at the Christmas store on December 19th, or drop off donations for it.

You can donate items for emergency shelter residents. You’ll find shopping lists available online and the items will be collected through December 20th. Also, you can help serve Christmas dinner at one of the shelters on December 19th.

If you’d like more details about any of these opportunities, head to