WATCH: Michigan man skis behind horse and buggy

A still image from video captured by Tara Hayward shows a skier being pulled by a horse and buggy. (Tara Hayward/Facebook)

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An Amish man found an interesting way to enjoy the new snow blanketing Mecosta County.

Tara Hayward of Morley, Michigan said she was coming home from a Christmas celebration when she spotted the man using a horse and buggy to ski down the road.

Hayward told 24 Hour News 8 she asked her husband to slow down so she could get a good view. The video she posted on Facebook Monday has since been shared watched more than 315,000 times and shared 9,500 times. Now national news outlets like CNN are featuring her footage.

“To me, it’s crazy that people find it so unusual, because where I’m from, there is a big Amish community and you see it more often than not,” she said. “If you’ve attended Ferris State University at all, you’ve seen many Amish buggies… skiing isn’t super common, but I’ve seen it a couple of times.”

Hayward says it’s possible the man she spotted was inspired by other skiers in Morley who are pulled by snowmobiles.