To The Point: Michigan Dems, GOP chairmen

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s a brand new year that means a brand new election cycle.

Above on this Jan. 7, 2018 episode of “To The Point,” the chairmen of the Michigan Democratic and Republican parties are talking about what they think they have to do to be successful in Decision 2018.

One of the big reason is both parties want to get their arms around redistricting.

“We’ve got to maximize our opportunities … going into a census year,” Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon said. “Republicans benefitted greatly from having a big wave victory in 2010. We’ve got to make sure we get everything out of this election that we possibly can so we can make sure that the lines are drawn fairly and the kind of aggressive gerrymandering that was done in the last decade doesn’t happen again next time.”

The Michigan GOP chairman says the solution is easy:

“Look, if Democrats want to control the process, then they just need to win at the ballot box,’ Ron Weiser said. “It’s that simple. And trying to do it this way is not the appropriate way. Changing the constitution is not the best way to make policy in this state.”