Kyle Steigenga nearing Cornerstone’s scoring record

Kyle Steigenga
Cornerstone University's Kyle Steigenga runs down the court.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Kyle Steigenga is just seven points away from becoming Cornerstone University’s all-time scoring leader.

“We knew he was going to be a great player coming in,” said head coach Kim Elders.  “I didn’t know he’d be this high of a scorer.”

The senior forward has 2,766 points, trailing only Jared Crandell for the top mark in school history with 2,772.

“I remember my Grandpa before we even stepped foot on campus asked me what the record was,” said Kyle Steigenga, ” I said, ‘Oh I don’t have a chance to break that.'”

Steigenga was wrong about that. By maintaining his season average, he would break the mark during Saturday’s contest against Madonna.

He also could become the most prolific college score the state of Michigan has ever seen, breaking the mark of 2,858 points Dominez Burnett set at Davenport.

“It’s unfathomable, that many points. He could go over 2,900 points,” said Elders. “That’s never been accomplished here in the state of Michigan.”

His teammates are enjoying the ride too.

“We always make fun of him that we’re not going to pass him the ball anymore,” said junior Sam Vander Sluis. “He’s going to have to take the ball down the court himself to break the record.”

When it comes down to it, his teammates couldn’t be happier for a player they respect a great deal.

“He doesn’t really care about these records and all of that,” said senior Michael Bradshaw.  “Most importantly, he cares about our team.”

Elders shared the support for his senior scorer.

“Terrific record for a terrific young man,” Elders said.  “No one deserves it more than he does.”

When all is said and done at season’s end, Steigenga hopes the chatter has more to do with a national championship than the points he’s scored in his career.

“Raising a national championship banner last so much longer than breaking a record,” said Steigenga.  “That’s really what ultimately matters in the end.  It’s not about the points, it’s about our team and how well we’ve been able to do.”

“Terrific record for a terrific young man,” added Elders.  “No one deserves it more than he does.”