Snow Conditions Report: Feb. 9, 2018

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you like snow, you’ll love this weekend.

Friday’s snow event will likely push Grand Rapids over the 60-inch mark for the season.

When February arrived, we essentially flipped the switch and resumed winter. The stats for the first week of February are fairly impressive. In Grand Rapids for instance, temperatures ended up nearly 6 degrees below average with a foot of snow falling.

This map shows the surface temperature anomaly for the first week of February 2018.

With the cold came the snow. At this time, 99 percent of the state is covered in snow, with an average snow depth of 9.1 inches.

Snow cover across Michigan, as of Feb. 9, 2018.

The strongest rebound in snow has and is occurring across the southern tier of lower Michigan.

A Feb. 9, 2018 map showing the snow depth in central and southern Michigan.
A Feb. 9, 2018 map showing snow depth across northern Michigan.

Additional snow will fall through the weekend with the brunt of it from I-96 to the south. This has finally put the southern snowmobile trail system into play for the first time since December. Welcome back, Hartford Trails.

This will also immensely help out both Bittersweet and Timberidge ski resorts, not to mention the Cannonsburg Ski Area. Finally, we don’t have to head north to play in the snow.

A Feb. 9, 2018 map showing the weekend snowfall forecast.

Temperatures will be near perfect this weekend to take advantage of the any winter activity: not prohibitively cold, but cold enough to prevent a meltdown.

A Feb. 9, 2018 map shows the forecasted high temperatures for Saturday, Feb. 10.
A Feb. 9, 2018 map shows the forecasted high temperatures for Sunday, Feb. 11.

Temperatures will moderate a bit next week with a few days reaching above the freezing mark. Some snow melt will occur before colder air arrives toward next weekend.

This chart shows the trend for high temperatures through Feb. 16.

Not much snow is expected next week as the warmer and drier conditions arrive.

The ECMWF model’s 10-day snowfall forecast through Feb. 18.
A nationwide map shows the 8-14 day temperature outlook for Feb. 16-22.
This map shows the national temperature outlook from February through April.

I’m still holding onto the belief that winter conditions will persist through a good chunk of March.


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