Lake Michigan Grand Haven Jack Martin Feb. 2016 Sunny, Beautiful

February 2016 Wrap

Here’s a beautiful shot of Lake Michigan from Jack Martin.  This February was warmer, wetter and cloudier than average.  After two unusually cold Februarys in 2014 (9.1° colder than average) and 2015 (13.5° colder than average – coldest February ever in G.R.) this February was 2.7° warmer than average.  The average high for the month was 36.5° and the average low temperature was 22.5°.  So this February was 16.2° warmer than February of 2015 – big difference!  The warmest was 61° on the 19th.  We also set a record high temp. of 57° on the 28th.  The coldest temp. was…

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