Sports By Joe NFL Week 1 Picks

If any of you remember last year, you’ll remember that I was actually doing pretty good at predicting the winners of games.  So much so, that the server died.  Imagine that.  I picked NFL winners so well that the server actually had a melt down.  Sort of like how late ’80s hair metal bands could change the physical properties of things through the sheer power of their rocking.  (See any old Scorpions or Cinderella video)

Anyway, here are the Week 1 Sports By Joe picks…..

Washington at NY Giants – New York Giants

As much as I would like Clinton Portis to have a good game (fantasy reasons) I sort of know that now matter how well he does, the Giants are winning.

Detroit at Atlanta – Atlanta

If there is one thing you should know, it’s that the Lions can’t win on the road.  Oh, and they suck really bad.  This will be the first loss on the way to a great 5-11 season this year.

Seattle at Buffalo – Buffalo

Only picking Buffalo because they are playing at home.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – Jacksonville

Jacksonville is on an upswing and is playoff bound.

NY Jets at Miami – NY Jets

As much as Favre made me hate him and the Jets, the Dolphins are probably not going to be a really tough test.

Kansas City at New England – New England

Insert explanation here.  None needed.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Tampa Bay

The Bucs are probably playoff bound.  The Saints?  Not so much….

St. Louis at Philadelphia – Philadelphia

St. Louis is going to be the major competitor this year to the Lions for one of the top 5 draft picks.

Houston at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh

I’ve seen several people picking the Texans.  Of course, all of those people are the crackheads that I see down at the bus station.

Cincinnati at Baltimore – Baltimore

I feel sorry for Carson Palmer.

Carolina at San Diego – San Diego

Hard to not go with LT and Merriman.  Of course, that depends on if Merriman’s knees hold up.

Arizona at San Francisco – San Francisco

Gotta go with the home team here.  Also got to go with O’Sullivan at QB for the niners.

Dallas at Cleveland – Dallas

I didn’t see much improvement from Cleveland in the off season and Dallas is probably going to the playoffs this year.  Not a really hard pick.

Chicago at Indianapolis – Indianapolis

Chicago makes me cry on the inside.

Minnesota at Green Bay – Green Bay

I don’t think Rodgers is going to make anyone forget about Favre, but they are always tough at home and they still have a solid defense.

Denver at Oakland – Denver

Oakland fans should start to scout the college ranks for whom they are going to pick 1st overall in the next draft.

There you have it.  I will review these picks sometime after Monday night’s games.

Talk at you later.

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